A Mobile Site for a Walking Tour

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A San Francisco based walking tours company, Local Tastes of the City, approached Meteor Group right before the holidays with a small budget and a desire to create a mobile site that would grab people’s attention.

After discussing the project with the leader of our account team, Marco Koenig, our objective was to create a site that would tell the narrative through appealing photography. The site would focus on their popular North Beach/Little Italy Tour and, it should give Users the ability to book a tour directly from the landing page. Also, since it was essentially a culinary tour, the mood of the site should reflect that. We wanted to pull people in with mouth-watering images. We presented two ideas.

Proposed Design 1


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The first design version would open to an image of the Golden Gate Bridge in a nine panel grid. The panels would quickly flip over to reveal separate images of food details. Those images would just as quickly flip over to reveal the navigation buttons along with a six panel image representing the featured North Beach Tour.

Proposed Design 2


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The second design we presented was more simple and modern. It featured a slider of appealing images seen on the tours. The images were overlaid with testimonials. The overall feel was elegant but friendly. So, for the color palette, I combined warm and cool colors.

At this point, we are still waiting to hear back from our potential client. Whether they go with Meteor Group or not, it was fun working on the pitch.

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