Adventures in Clubland

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A DJ friend of mine asked if I would be interested in being a nightclub promoter. He had an idea for a club theme that was successful for him when he lived in Portland, so he wanted to try it out here in Los Angeles. And I have been going out meeting a lot of new people since I moved out to LA from New York City.

The event series would be called One Year, One Night and it would take one year in the past and feature pop music from that year. But it wouldn’t focus on the hits of that year, it would tap into more obscure and over looked singles from the year.

I thought it was an interesting idea, and I always wanted to design club flyers, so I agreed. We were going to start with smaller, bar/restaurants with dance floors and I ended up selling the idea to a place near the beach in Santa Monica.

I put together a couple of flyers and attached them below. The first one is more upscale and moody and focuses on the vibe of the beach at night.


The second one is hipper and, since the club is Hawaiian themed, suggest a Tiki lounge.

t1 copy

Which one looks more appealing to you?

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