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I’ve worked on blogs on various levels. So, when my friend and colleague, Thanh Pham, approached me about branding the blog for his new company, Asian Efficiency, I was open to whatever he proposed.

He wanted me to brand his blog. He would do the development. He even had a logo. That would have all been fine.

The problem was the logo. He bought it on one of those cheap $99 logos sites online. That would have still been fine if the logo he bought looked good or even just worked. It didn’t. It was bad. It was just so amateurish. I couldn’t imagine working with it. And I knew it would reflect poorly on a friend’s new company. He would be starting things off on a bad foot. A company’s identity matters.

So, instead of politely declining the branding project, I told Thanh that I would take on the job if he let me design the logo for his company. I was even willing to design it for free. I knew he would like it. Especially when compared to the other, cheap logo.

He needed a symbol with a supportive wordmark. It needed an “efficient” look. The logo I presented below is clean and architectural. It creates an AE ligature which forms a plus sign which resonates with the companies’ mission.

Basic RGB

He liked it. Here’s it is with the supportive word mark below.

Basic RGB

The branding I proposed (see below) was similarly clean and used space efficiently.

Once I handed over the design, maintaining that look will be up to the AE team.


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  1. Khanh
    January 17, 2014

    Simple and the logo sticks with you in your head, very cool.


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