Delving Into Digital Books

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I was itching to learn how to create a digital book. So, I found a training title on that showed how.

My brother is an author and I had designed his last book, Though All the World Betrays Thee, for print. So, I decided it was time to turn the book into a PDF, an EPUB and a MOBI file.

I wanted the redesign to look like an old, found journal. There are a few sample pages of the PDF below.

  • TATWBT-1
  • TATWBT-3
  • TATWBT-9

The other two files were much more difficult to get creative with. The cover JPG is really the only opportunity. Even the fonts to be used for the body copy are limited. The EPUB and the MOBI are essentially just flowing text. You just have to know how to hook up the technology. And, while it was tedious, it was pretty easy overall.

I also created a quick WordPress blog where he could sell the books.


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