A Dot Com Boom Era Identity Comes of Age

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Phone Spell is a website with an app that calculates what a potential phone number spells. So, when picking a phone number, a business or an individual can think of a clever spelling for their number before requesting a phone number. The site has been around since 1995 and has been successful. But they were looking to step up their indie look to a more mainstream one to attract more advertisers and traffic. The original logo is below.


Since they were a successful site and no longer a start up, the owner was very concerned about brand equity. He wanted to keep the identity fun and playful. After sending over five different logo options, the owner liked one that kept the dated rotary dial. So, I made the rotary dial a prominent feature of the final design and stylized it in a fun way that matched the super bold, friendly font I used. I also tweaked a few of the characters of the font to make it work with the rest of the design. The final design is below.

PS_identity2I wasn’t going to get involved with the website design and the owner was very concerned about my use of the color yellow without a drop shadow or any effect that would separate the yellow logo from the white background. It took a little time but I eventually convinced them that it would work fine.

The site’s landing page is below.


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