Putting a Face on Hasbro’s Board Games

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Hasbro acquired Milton Bradley, the maker of the classic board games of the 60’s and 70’s. They wanted to create a separate Games Division for their new acquisition. They asked me to create an identity for the division.

They came up with the name, Face to Face Fun. It distinguishes the classic board games from the modern computer games where its just a kid and a device. Human interaction needed to be emphasized in the new logo.

I presented the fairly tight, black and white logos below.


hasbro_corpHasbro liked the simplicity of the one in the center of the group above. They also liked how the shape was also the infinity symbol and could symbolize timelessness. But they asked if I could replace the single line smile with the open mouth smile in the Hasbro logo.

And once I got into color, they wanted to use the Hasbro green of their primary logo as part of the palette. The final is shown below.



It was unveiled at ToyFair in New York City. Here it is applied to apparel at the event. For more details, follow this link.




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