Flashback – An ID for SI Kids Mascot

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Flashback is a series of articles that look back at interesting projects I created before I started this blog.


Sports Illustrated called soon after I left the National Hockey League. They wanted me to take a stab at creating a logo for Sports Illustrated Kids. SI Kids has a comic strip on the last page of the magazine that features a character that they consider their mascot, Buzz Beamer. Buzz is a young boy with a buzz haircut.

It sounded like a fun project and things came together quickly. I sent them three pencil sketches I created in a couple hours. (Unfortunately, I didn’t save the sketches). They liked one of the sketches straight away. In order to maintain a loose, sketchy feel, I simply scanned in their favorite pencil sketch and saved it as a template to be used in Adobe Illustrator. I traced over it in Illustrator and… done. Two day turnaround.

All around a fun, quick, lucrative project. Things went so quickly that they hired me to create a few icons for the magazine in the same loose style of the Buzz Beamer logo. The last time I looked, they still use the logo in the print magazine. But online, I saw a different version of the logo. Too bad. It would be nice if they were consistent. If they asked, I would show them how it could work digitally.

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