Flashback – Made for TV Titles

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Flashback is a series of articles that look back at interesting projects I created before I started this blog.

When I was at USA Network, I always looked forward to working on USA Pictures Original titles every month or two. I just love typography and working with type.

When I was first hired, the titles were pretty bad and the print titles created by the print department were different than the television titles created by the TV department. And, the two departments didn’t interact.

But I eventually convinced the Director of Creative Service that they must be consistent. Unfortunately, The TV department was using the expensive old school machines at the time, so when I created a title in Adobe Illustrator for print, they would take it into their high end machines and interpret it any way they wanted. They animated them without any art direction from me. Since they were more technicians than designers, the results were not that great.

But, I’m sure they work in After Effects now. And I hope the different departments communicate with each other.

Shown below are a few examples of titles I created that were well received.


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