Flashback – Swingin’ Identity

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Flashback is a series of articles that look back at interesting projects I created before I started this blog.

Working with Double Down again on their social media inspired me to look back at two other clients from my time spent in the swing dance and lounge scenes in New York City.

Tommy White Tie

TommyWhiteTie.com was an on and offline community for people interested in cocktail and lounge culture. It was closely tied to the swing dance community in New York City. Tom Sunshine (aka Tommy White Tie himself) was a fan of the retro-inspired work of designer Michael Doret and street artist Shepard Fairey. He asked if I could explore designing a logo as if it was designed by those artists.

I can mimic style pretty well. I presented these thumbnails to him.

twt_sketchesHe liked the Doret style the best. After some refinement, this was the final.


The logo is shown in context on the website below. That website is no longer online but the memories of the good times will last.


Ron Sunshine and His Orchestra

Ron Sunshine was also part of the swing and jazz community in New York. He contacted me when they got a gig to be the house band of the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center. Ron liked my idea of an art deco logo that reflected the art deco style of Rockefeller Center and he wanted a sun be a part of the logo. Unfortunately, I no longer have the sketches I showed him, but he was very happy with the art deco sun logo below.


Here are a couple of shots of Ron and his orchestra in action at the Rainbow Room.



Ron Sunshine and His Orchestra are no longer the house band at the Rainbow Room, but they still use the logo I designed on their bandstands.

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