Getting Down 2.0

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Double Down is a client and swing band based in New York City. They contacted me about helping them out with their social media. I had designed their logo and their CD package a few years ago.

Before I began designing their Facebook app and YouTube page, I asked them if they would be open to me tweaking their logo. They were happy with it (see logo on drum set below), but was anxious to see what I had in mind.


I wanted to look at using a different green and perhaps giving the logo a little more dimension. Here’s the final tweaked logo below on a white and dark background.

DD_side-by-sideThe olive green feels more vintage and the neon outline is an improvement over the black outline on the type. Lead singer John Kozan thought the new logo looked more “grown up”. I think that’s because, by comparison, the old logo looks cartoon-ish.

I wanted to take the new sophistication one step further. While designing their Facebook app, I wanted to look at creating a one color version of the logo and take it out of the triangular shape. Just as a variation. I included it in some of the comps I created. See the examples attached below.





They went with the third one down and they liked the one color logo as a variation. I liked it as a white knock out in color photography, so when I designed their Facebook page (see below), I used it in their cover photo.


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