Hollywood writer, director and actor Mike Binder called me about working with him to come up with branding and marketing ideas for his new comedy web platform, JokeyPhone. Binder is a former standup comedian who may be best known for the 2001-02 HBO comedy series, The Mind of the Married Man  which he co-wrote, co-directed and starred in as the central character.

The JokeyPhone app would be a tool to help people tell, hear, remember, and pass on great jokes. It would be a website and a phone app that allows you to access hundreds of jokes from different categories in quick videos. Everyday people would record themselves telling jokes into their phone or computer. The key to all this is the unique teleprompter which can be accessed from your webcam or phone camera.

When I met with Mike, JokeyPhone had a website mockup and a logo designed by a New York City ad agency.

I was hired to help him brand and market the app. So, what would all that look like? First, we looked at a section for kids, a section for dirty jokes and a Spanish language section of the website.

Eventually, Binder would like to get corporate sponsorships, so I explored what the look and feel could look like.

And what about competitions that the corporations sponsored? How would that work and what would that look like?

Comedy competitions would also work well with TV and even live. The JokeyPhone brand could really be extended both with television and with a live, cross country tour. We will be moving forward with that next. Stay tuned.