The ‘No Talent Jones’ Experience

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Working with Mike Binder on JokeyPhone went well, so we naturally continued to work together on his next project, No Talent Jones.

No Talent Jones is a musical comedy set in Detroit that tells the story of a crooner who gets framed for drugs. Binder wanted to get British X-Factor winner Leon Jackson to star.

Binder is taking a different approach to this project. He wanted me to create key art for the film before it was even shot. He hoped the visuals would help sell the project both to Jackson as well as the studios. No Talent Jones was also different because it was more than a just a film. There would be a soundtrack and live concerts. It’s intended to be an experience.

I started with the large format key art before applying it online.

Film Poster


Bus Poster

Bus Billboard

Bus Shelter Poster


Live Concert Website


Imeem Site


YouTube Page


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