#BeautyIs Mobile Campaign

Three proposed solutions for the mobile extension of Dove's "Beauty IS" campaign.

The campaign is intended to help young women have a positive sense of self esteem.

All of the solutions conclude with the User uploading a photo or text describing what they think beauty is to Dove's twitter page.

Beauty Is Everywhere
A series of images of diverse women with one word descriptions animate while suggesting way of responding to the question. The final frame conveys the message, beauty is everywhere.

Mothers & Daughters
The User is lead through a series of images of mothers and daughters and is asked to contemplate the question while subsequently being made aware of the responsibility mothers have to the self esteem of their daughter. The animation starts with toddlers and concludes with an image of a pre-teen.

Simple Self Esteem
Animation opens with an image of an exuberant pre-teen girl running on the beach suggesting a healthy self esteem. The User is then directly asked asked the question.

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