Did you know McDonalds has their own channel? If you live in California, you may have seen the channel in certain McDonalds locations. In the rest of the country, your local McDonalds is probably showing CNN or FOX News on a large screen monitor. But that is about to change. McDonalds will soon be showing original programming across the country in their restaurants. And they need a website that works for them. So, I sat down with our account lead, Marco Koenig and brainstormed ideas. I like working with Marco because he is an account person who understands design and keeps on top of what is going on in the digital industry. We explored several ideas, but one idea that stuck was to utilize a simple grid systems like Windows 8 among others.

McDonalds Channel site inspiration

The McDonalds Channel wants to drive people to promotional pages and videos. How we do that is the challenge. We are proposing a fixed vertical navigation with “suggested” videos attached in a vertical scrolling column. We are experimenting with the name, “The M” for the name of the channel. I also created a quick logo for placement but, who knows, it may stick or we may just refine it. The landing page, channel or categories page and single video page we presented to McDonalds are below.


Landing page

McDonalds Channel site


Channel page 

McDonalds Channel site


Single Video page

McDonalds Channel site

The way the M works technically, how it makes money, etc. is detailed in our presentation to McDonalds. As you’ll see, the logo has already been changed.